Episode 6 Jobs Can be Amazing

Episode 6 Jobs Can be Amazing

As an entrepreneur, everyone thinks I hate jobs. This is far from the truth. I actually think places of employment are great. You can exchange your time for money. That exchange is the reason why very many people can pay their bills. But I have two very different reasons why jobs are amazing.


Two Reasons Jobs are Amazing


First, the experience. If you’re paying good enough attention you can learn a whole lot from your job. There are always opportunities in plain sight to learn more. The experience you get working for some companies cannot be duplicated. It’s not somewhere on a blog or in a YouTube video.

On the other hand, you get connections. The whole “who you know” strategy started here. Mainly because the connections you make in certain places can help you reach the next level. Knowing the right person could be the difference between gaining thousands of new customers or only adding five to your mailing list.

Neither of these reasons that make jobs amazing will matter if you don’t have a job that you at least like. It’s obviously better to love it but that’s an extremely rare case. The message of this episode is to find a job you can more than tolerate. That way you can stick around much longer, learn as much as possible and make some great connections.

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