Coaching with Chris

Major 3: Coaching Courses

The goal of the Major 3: Coaching Courses is to provide measurable results. Upon completion of this course, you will have a clear mindset, a more productive story and a clear plan. Ultimately we want to help you Grow to Your Goals!

Change Your Mindset

This courses focuses specifically on developing a productive mindset. Any change that happens in your life must first begin with your thought process.

Change YOur Story

This course is all about changing your story. What do you tell yourself every morning? How do you view yourself? You may not know it, but this plays a huge role in everyday life.

Change Your Plan

A plan is necessary in any phase of life. Your plan must include the different ways that you will develop and grow to reach your desired goals. 

All Courses Include

  • Full audio clips explaining the lesson.
  • Fillable PDFs to measure progress and changes.
  • Daily emails to engage and be consistent.
  • One on one coaching calls to go in depth.