Episode 14 Oppression Olympics

Episode 14 Oppression Olympics

This episode of the Growth of Greatness Podcast is very controversial. The topic is oppression. Oppression is described as prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control.

Chris goes into depth explaining why the oppressed mindest is unhealthy. There are two major downsides to claiming oppression. You lose control of your emotions and you lose the ability to take action. Ultimately, you become powerless in your everyday life.

I’ve personally developed a method that allows me to remain in a positive mindset throughout my day. Let’s call it the Goal Flash. Goal Flash is when you read your written goals. Reading your goals should happen every morning and night. It’s also good to Goal Flash when you get frustrated throughout your day. Small reminders help control your subconscious and ultimately keep you focused.

Get rid of the oppressed mindset to start Growing to Your Goals.

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