Episode 15 The Goal Flash Course

Episode 15 The Goal Flash Course

2018 is here! This is the year you can begin to achieve all those goals you have set. This episode of the Growth of Greatness podcast is strictly explaining the Goal Flash course.

What is Goal Flash?

This is a system created to help you set, use and accomplish goals. This process isn’t the basic goal setting process. To start, Goal Flashing is different from its core. Chris created this system years ago and it helped him reach new levels in life. Stop just setting goals and wandering through life aimlessly. Goal Flash will help you use those goals every single day.

Who is it for?

Goal Flash isn’t an easy process. It’s definitely not for everyone. The only people enrolling in this course should be goal-oriented and focused individuals. Lazy, victim-minded folks need not enroll in Goal Flash. This course is for those who are dedicated to living an above average life and chasing the goals they have set for themselves, no matter what.

What do you get?

You get the usual videos and lectures. There will be slideshows and written content. First is the exclusive Goal Flash planner. This planner helps you be accountable and productive all throughout 2018! This planner isn’t just for your daily schedule. You also have the luxury of tracking, measuring and reflecting on your goals. There’s even more! We also developed Goal Flashcards. These aren’t regular flashcards. These cards will change your life.


Sign up for the Goal Flash course now. Spots are very limited. Click here to claim your spot.

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