Episode 17 Impact List

Episode 17 Impact List

This episode fully explains what the Impact List is and how to use it.

Everyone sets goals for the new year. On January 1st we all have resolutions and plans to accomplish these big dreams. And then by February, everyone has forgotten what it is that they want to accomplish. The Impact List can change that.

The Impact List is a great way to work towards your goal. It’s important to use time every day working towards the bigger things you want in life. You don’t become a millionaire overnight. You don’t lose weight and become healthy overnight. It takes work and consistency.

  1. Print out the Impact List and use it every single day.
  2. Write down tasks that will help you reach that ultimate goal by the end of the year.
  3. Don’t make the tasks too big for one day. Always make five relevant tasks.
  4. Check them off at the end of the day. DON’T CHECK TASKS YOU DID NOT COMPLETE.
  5. Always write your list for the next day the night before.

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