Episode 4 Limit Your Complaints

Episode 4 Limit Your Complaints

Limit your complaints. Learn to appreciate the things you have and focus less on what you don’t have. Life has rough patches. Things will always fluctuate up and down. The key is to understand that nothing remains the same. Constant changes that we can’t control are the main reason we must remain positive and focus on the things we have, no matter how few or small they might be. When you complain, you make the positive process that much harder to stick to. Let’s look at the reasons why you should limit your complaints.




If you don’t have a clear understanding of energy you should do some research in that area. Everything we say, do and eat has a lasting effect on our lives. Those “jokes” about your bank account being empty or about how you hate your job are more serious than you think. Your words affect you! Stop complaining and expressing forms of resentment. This only invites more negativity.


I’m not saying there aren’t reasons to complain. Life happens. Every single day there will be situations worth a complaint or negative response. You must be disciplined enough to only focus on the things that are good for you.




To be honest, complaining is unattractive. Man or woman, it’s annoying. The world doesn’t care about your problems. Everyone has their own issues. Why would anyone want to sit and listen to yours? Yes, there might be a few people in your life that will tolerate the complaining. But in reality, no one cares. Deal with your problems head on.




This is the main reason I began to limit my complaints. It takes way too much time to complain. First, you have to explain the problem, then explain why it’s bothering you. After that, you have to wait for the response of someone who probably really doesn’t want to hear the complaint anyways. Complaining is even worse we done on social media. It takes about 30 minutes to create a meaningful thread of complaining. Then you have to interact with everyone responding to your complaining. I much rather handle my issues in real life and continue to be productive.


Limit your complaints. Gratitude is something that will help combat complaints. Appreciate what you have. One way I do this is by verbally stating what I’m thankful for. It sounds corny, but it really limits my complaints. I also only allow myself to complain about one thing per day. That one complaint can be about traffic or my phone service, but it’s never more than one.

Be thankful for what you have.

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