Episode 8 LinkedIn for Millennials

Episode 8 LinkedIn for Millennials

This episode focuses specifically on how millennials can use LinkedIn. Known as a business and recruitment website, LinkedIn is so much more beneath the surface. LinkedIn is a social media platform that can be leveraged to develop great connections that lead to life-changing opportunities. Consequently, millennials must learn how to use LinkedIn.

Chris discusses three key points to improving your LinkedIn page and getting the most from the app. It’s not a ton of work and it surely isn’t difficult to do. Make sure you update your LinkedIn page correctly and watch the opportunities find you.


Key Points


  • Exposure. Can’t afford a website? Well, LinkedIn can serve as your official site until you’re prepared for that step.
  • Professional. Present yourself as a professional. Who doesn’t want to be seen as an expert? A big part of being a professional and expert is in the photos you select for your site and how you express your skills.
  • Connections. The connections you can make on LinkedIn are truly unknown. Most businesses have a page and you can find the top CEOs on the site as well. This is definitely a place entrepreneurs want to be.


Millennials can use LinkedIn. The key is to fit within your market and show the ways in which you can add value. Add LinkedIn to one of the many social media sites that you spend time. I guarantee it’ll be worth it.


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