Episode 9 Balance: Productivity and Bullshit Meter

Episode 9 Balance: Productivity and Bullshit Meter

This episode focuses on the balance between productivity and bullshit. It is imperative to have balance in life. There are only 24 hours in a day. Therefore, we have a limited amount of time. Only you can decide what things you focus on. Are you productive or do you bullshit?

Chris explains what being productive is in his opinion. Productivity is when you have a clear goal and you’re working towards that goal. Very many people equate being busy with working towards a goal. Being busy and constantly on the go doesn’t mean that you’re getting shit done. Understand the difference. Everything you do should be to reach your ultimate goal.

Find a healthy balance between being productive and adding your bullshit. The bullshit can help you keep a focus on what is important and also feed your creativity. Whatever you do, make sure it is the healthiest option for you.

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